About Sanity system

  • Sanity System has been in business since 2008. It is a specialist manufacturer of Sanitisation Systems used by Governments, Businesses and Emergency Services for the past 12 years
  • Sanity In 2019, Sanity System was awarded the number 1 company in Italy for sanitisation – it is recognised as a Top 100 Italian company.
  • Our Irish offices are based in Mulhuddart, Dublin. We can be contacted on 01 685 5152 or by email on info@sanitysystem.ie
  • All our products are manufactured in Italy.

Peace of mind

Our customers use our systems to protect their staff, residents, visitors and customers.

We developed our Sanitisation Systems over the past 12 years to provide businesses and organizations with the assurance that they are doing their utmost to protect their staff, residents, customers and visitors and provide them with a Sanitised environment.

Prevention starts with the sanitisation of the environments and surfaces that we come into contact with, the air that we breathe.


Our systems are widely used and commercially adopted as they allow for the immediate use of the environment by staff, residents, visitors after the Sanitisation. Our Systems are Plug and Play requiring no specialist training or specialist PPE to operate.

Our Happy Clients

Used and endorsed by Brands, Businesses, Health Authorities and Governments Since 2008

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